Evaluation using mir_eval

mir_eval (documentation, paper) is a Python library containing evaluation functions for a variety of common audio and music processing tasks.

mir_eval was primarily created by Colin Raffel. This notebook was created by Brian McFee and edited by Steve Tjoa.

Why mir_eval?

Most tasks in MIR are complicated. Evaluation is also complicated!

Any given task has many ways to evaluate a system. There is no one right away.

For example, here are issues to consider when choosing an evaluation method:

  • event matching
  • time padding
  • tolerance windows
  • vocabulary alignment

mir_eval tasks and submodules

  • onset, tempo, beat
  • chord, key
  • melody, multipitch
  • transcription
  • segment, hierarchy, pattern
  • separation (like bss_eval in Matlab)

Install mir_eval

pip install mir_eval

If that doesn't work:

pip install --no-deps mir_eval

More than metrics

mir_eval has tools for display and sonification.

In [38]:
import librosa.display
import mir_eval.display

Common plots: events, labeled_intervals

pitch, multipitch, piano_roll segments, hierarchy, separation

Example: Events

In [37]:
librosa.display.specshow(S, x_axis='time', y_axis='mel')
mir_eval.display.events(ref_beats, color='w', alpha=0.8, linewidth=3)
mir_eval.display.events(est_beats, color='c', alpha=0.8, linewidth=3, linestyle='--')
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-37-982cafece7a6> in <module>()
----> 1 librosa.display.specshow(S, x_axis='time', y_axis='mel')
      2 mir_eval.display.events(ref_beats, color='w', alpha=0.8, linewidth=3)
      3 mir_eval.display.events(est_beats, color='c', alpha=0.8, linewidth=3, linestyle='--')

AttributeError: module 'librosa' has no attribute 'display'

Example: Labeled Intervals

Example: Source Separation

In [39]:
y_harm, y_perc = librosa.effects.hpss(y, margin=8)
In [45]:
plt.figure(figsize=(12, 4))
mir_eval.display.separation([y_perc, y_harm], sr, labels=['percussive', 'harmonic'])
<matplotlib.legend.Legend at 0x117a2f048>
In [ ]:
In [ ]: