About Fundamentals of Music Processing

The book Fundamentals of Music Processing (FMP) is a textbook by Meinard Müller, a well-known and prolific researcher in MIR, and published by Springer in 2015.

For many years, the field of music information retrieval has suffered from a lack of consolidated texts which unify its many disparate topics. Until now, students and researchers have had to learn about MIR mostly by reading the original research papers -- a daunting task. FMP is perhaps the best attempt to address this issue. It is a self-contained textbook which covers many MIR tasks such as feature extraction, audio-to-score alignment, musical form and structure, chord recognition, beat tracking, fingerprinting, and source separation.

We integrated content from FMP into musicinformationretrieval.com in 2016.


Created by Meinard Müller. Posted here on 2018 June 30 with permission from Meinard Müller.